Semi-Privacy Fence

Secure your Premises with our Customized Range of Semi-Privacy Fence

At Armour Guard Fence, you would have access to a highly customized range of semi-privacy fences. Our semi-privacy fencing is easy to install and ideal for both commercial and residential applications. What’s more impressive is the fact that our semi-private steel fencing comes with a galvanized coating.

There is a lot to like about our semi-privacy no maintenance metal fence. Our semi-private fences are an excellent choice for keeping your pets safe.

Moreover, you can also have a great deal of privacy without disconnecting your neighbors. Our semi-privacy fences also allow ample air circulation. If the surroundings of your house don’t offer protection from wind, opt for our semi-privacy fence screens. They can form an additional layer of security around the perimeter of your house.

Why opt for our Semi-Privacy Fences?

At Armour Guard Fence, our main emphasis has always been the quality and preference of customers. We always ensure high levels of personalization so that your residential or commercial premise in North America stays secured. So here are some reasons which highlight the significance of opting for semi-privacy steel fence panel from us.

  • Durability

Another key highlight of a semi-privacy fence is its durability. We Retail and Install galvanized semi-privacy fences which can guard against corrosion. So if your primary aim is to install a highly durable semi-privacy fence, we are your best bet.

  • High Levels of Customization

As mentioned earlier, we always pay due attention to the preferences of our customers. That’s why our semi-privacy metal/steel fences in North America are highly customizable. You have to just communicate your preferences to us, and we would take care of the rest.

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

It is quite obvious that you wouldn’t want a steel fence that would have high levels of maintenance year-round. This is where semi-privacy fence panel can be a game-changer. Once installed, they don’t require any form of upkeep which is a boon for modern-day users. A simple wash by using hose pipe is sufficient to keep them as good as new.

Important Things to know about our Semi-Privacy Fences

When the context is about value and strength, nothing can beat a semi-privacy fence. If you have commercial installations, this type of metal fencing or steel fencing is an excellent option to create a safe and secure work environment.

Our semi-privacy fences instill a sense of security and calmness among your customers and employees. Our heavy-duty framework and top-notch process ensure that you avail yourself only the best semi-privacy fence panels.

And to make sure that the fences are durable and weather-resistant, the semi-privacy fences undergo galvanization. Also, note that the semi-privacy fences are economical enough for both residential and commercial uses. They are also ideal to set up enclosures as they allow the full circulation of air.

So if you want to secure your premises in North America without shutting off the neighbors, opt for our semi-privacy fences today.

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5 Ft High Semi-privacy Fence Project completed at Burnaby