Custom Designed Products

Enliven your Walls with our Customized Laser Cut Screens

At Armour Guard Fence, we specialize in the production of high-quality laser cut screens. What’s makes us unique is that our laser cut screens are ideal for residential and commercial uses in North America. From privacy screenings to entry gates, you can rely on our laser cut screens.

Our high-end and custom-made designs are quite ideal for commercial purposes, which include hotels and restaurants. At Armour Guard Fence, you can find a wide variety of laser cut screens as well as metal fencing panels. From balustrade infill panels to wall screens, we facilitate a plethora of laser cut screens.

Our laser cut screens are a perfect complement for external cladding. On the other hand, if you want to remodel your existing space, our laser cut privacy fence screens are quite ideal. Our laser cut screen can add a character to your living or working area.

The Versatility of our Laser Cut Screens

To be precise, laser cut screens available with Armour Guard Fence are becoming quite popular. Here are some popular areas where our laser cut steel privacy screens have gained immense popularity.

  • For security purposes
  • An aesthetic way to divide rooms
  • Used extensively in privacy panels
  • Commonly used as decorative panels
  • Extremely popular for window coverings

Another highlighting aspect of our laser cut metal privacy screens is the use of a wide range of materials. We usually use stainless steel and mild steel to provide you with laser cut screens. Also, our expertise enables us to replicate any design. In other words, we have the ability to comply with your specifications and design screens and no maintenance metal fence based on that.

A Great Option to Decorate Walls

Our laser cut screen can enliven your walls with its intricate designs. To render artistic flair and added interest, our laser cut screens are a great choice. What’s more impressive is the fact that our laser cut privacy metal screens is easy to install and remain clean with a simple wash.

And with our customized range of laser screens, you can readily add more dimension and drama to your space. Our custom privacy metal panels can be an excellent option for those organizations which are always on the lookout to acquire customers.

An Ideal Addition to Doors and Gates

Are you on the lookout for revamping your outside space? Do you want to replace your dilapidated gates and doors? For gates and doors in need of a facelift, our laser cut screens are ideal. Our metal/steel fences come in designs that are highly customized in nature and can corporate elaborate security mechanisms.

And when the context is about internal doors in North America, our laser cut screen always stands out. If you want to remodel your interiors, our laser cut screens are ideal for rendering a new look to the doors.

At Armour Guard Fence, we possess adequate laser technology. This helps us to cut a plethora of different materials used for screens. Also, we are well-aware of cutting each material to achieve the best finish. Our laser cut privacy screens also come equipped with powder coating on top to prevent corrosion. If you want to know more about laser cut screens and privacy panels, call us today!