Metal Fence & Railings

Secure Staircases and Porch with our Aesthetically-Pleasing Metal Railings

For homeowners who prefer a sleek and modern style, our steel railings can be ideal. Armour Guard Fence Retails and Installs a wide variety of steel railings and no maintenance metal fence that are durable and aesthetically-pleasing at the same time.

There is no denying the fact that metal railings along with privacy fence screens, improve the aesthetic look of your home and business. As opposed to PVC and wood, steel railings come with a wide range of advantages. Armour Guard Fence has a wide range of steel railings that are based on the individual preferences of the users.

Our exclusive range of railings can be supported by mounted posts as standalone railings. Our steel railings as well as steel fence panels facilitate maintenance-free living. What’s more, these railings also provide additional safety to your outdoor living space, like a porch.

What sets us apart is the fact that we Retail and Install galvanized steel railings. Galvanized steel railings are immune to corrosion and hence don’t have any maintenance issues.

Essential Features of our Steel Railings

Armour Guard Fence stands out from the rest. Due to our quality-first approach, you will get top-notch steel railings and steel fence installation from us. So let’s take a glance at some of the essential features of our steel railings.

  • Our steel railings always comprise a galvanized coating on their top
  • High resistance to corrosion is one of their key traits
  • Our steel railings in Vancouver are easy and straightforward to install
  • Affordable installation process
  • Complies with various quality control certifications
  • Easy to clean and wash

Aluminum Railings facilitate Hassle-Free Maintenance

At Armour Guard Fence, we retail and install high-quality steel railings which facilitate hassle-free maintenance in North America. What’s more impressive is the fact that stainless steel railings add value to your home. Whether you install them in indoor or outdoor settings, they can transform the look of the space.

Another key highlight of the steel railings is their shine. Even if they accumulate grim, you can just wipe and clean them. And as they are easy to maintain, they appeal to the likes of modern homeowners. In today’s home improvement projects, steel railings are a key component. The aluminum railings and metal/steel fences available with us will also not crumble and break over time.

Highly Customizable

One of the key highlights of our steel railings is their customizability. Armour Guard Fence emphasizes heavily on personalizing the design of the stainless steel railings in Surrey. You can avail contemporary designs along with a sleek and modern look. And if you have open stairways, opting for customized steel railings would be an ideal option. With steel railings, your house can exude a trendy and sleek look.

Galvanized Steel Railings

What set Armour Guard Fence apart are our galvanized steel railings. Galvanized steel railings are immune to corrosion and highly durable in nature. Moreover, they can last for years, which make them an ideal choice for homeowners. Galvanized steel railings are also weather resistant which is just great.

Designing your home in North America with steel railings from Armour Guard Fence saves time, money, and other resources. Contact us today to know more!

Ornamental Fence

We provide ornamental fence, it is a type of fence which is used to add style and decoration to a property. Ornamental fences can also provide security and privacy for your property. We provide best qulity ornamental fence made with galvanized steel. We can create custom ornamental fences in Aluminum as well.

* All Railings are available in aluminum only.