Privacy Fence

Induce a Sense of Privacy with our Galvanized Powder Coated Steel Fences

From our humble beginnings to a reputed Retailers and Installers of security fences, our primary focus has always been Retailing and Installing quality products.

Armour Guard Fence Retail an array of steel privacy fence and security gates to secure your perimeter. What makes us stand out from others is our expertise in steel fencing in Surrey for residential and commercial purposes.

Also, we are a class apart when the context is about Retailing galvanized powder-coated steel privacy fences with Colorbond. Moreover, our commercial privacy fence screens facilitate direct visual screening while still providing air circulation.

Our steel privacy fences are aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time. For commercial uses, our steel fences are ideal for enclosures and deterring intruders.

Reasons to opt for a Privacy Fence from Armour Guard Fence

Well, there exists a plethora of reasons behind installing a privacy fence screen in Vancouver in residential and commercial areas. Let’s take a look at how Armour Guard Fence is vital for you.

  • Added Privacy

Our galvanized privacy steel fences are an ideal addition to the privacy of your residential or commercial premises in Surrey and Vancouver. Our galvanized steel fences are also perfect for deterring unwanted visitors and intruders.

  • Security

Well, security is the primary reason why people invest in steel fence panel of Armour Guard. If you have small children or pets, our steel fences will form an additional layer of protection around your property.

  • Durability

No doubt, Armour Guard Fence Retails and Installs galvanized steel and metal fencing that would last long. In other words, our walls can withstand adverse weather conditions with relative ease. In addition, they can be cleaned with a simple wash by using the hose pipe.

Customization has always been our Top Priority

At Armour Guard Fence, we provide due attention to the preference of our customers. Our galvanized steel privacy fences in Surrey are highly customizable to suit the individual requirements of the users. This usually includes customizing the patterns, thickness, height, color, etc., of the fences.

We also add security improvements like palisades or spikes. What’s more, these customized fences are the perfect embodiment of security and aesthetics. Our steel fence installation can make you feel safe in your residential or commercial property.

Top-Notch Colorbond Fencing Solutions

In case you don’t know, Colorbond fencing can easily last twenty years. So they are an excellent investment in any form of project related to home improvement. Our Colorbond fences are simple to mount and usually cost less than other steel fencing substitutes.

Furthermore, these fences offer a visually attractive and durable choice for your commercial or residential property. And if you happen to reside in high wind velocity localities, Colorbond fences are a savior.

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