Augment your Premise’s Security with Sliding Gates

Augment your Premise’s Security with Sliding Gates

No doubt, sliding gates are an ideal solution to secure your premises from authorized access. Armour Guard Fence Retail and Install both automatic and manual sliding gates based on your preferences. Manual sliding gates usually contain wheels and a roller post for easy operation.

On the other hand, our automatic sliding gates comprise graduated steel material with a durable electric motor. What’s more, we also equip the automatic gates with an intelligent control system. So as you can see, our sliding gates and privacy fence screens are safer, functional, and improve the overall visual appeal.

Our commitment to Retail and Install high-grade sliding gates is always based on the preferences of our customers. With us, you don’t have to look for vendors. This is because we offer all services in North America under one roof! From site assessment to installation, you can simply rely on us.

Elementary Features of our Sliding Gates

Here are some of the elementary features of our sliding gates that you should be aware of.

  • We always use high-grade and galvanized steel to Retail and Install sliding gates.
  • High levels of customization ensure single side or double side sliding
  • Our automatic gates require no manual intervention
  • Our manual sliding gates make use of top quality guide rollers with excellent bearing
  • Our automatic sliding gates also supports manual operation in case of power failure
  • Use of efficient motor to aid in the automation
  • The designs available with us are space-saving
  • Become brand new with a simple wash by using hose pipe

Apt for Light-Duty Commercial Applications

Our exclusive range of sliding gates as well as metal/steel fences is appropriate for light-duty commercial applications. Our slide gates use rollers on their bottom for smooth operation. These rollers usually slide across a metal path installed along the ground.

In case you don’t know, sliding gates are also known as rolling gates. Note that sliding gates like no maintenance metal fence are retailed and installed by us are appropriate for light-duty commercial applications. So if you have a mid-size warehouse or a factory, installing a sliding gate makes great sense.

More Secure than Swing Gates

The types of sliding gates we retail and install are more secure than the traditionally available swing gates or steel fence panels. Note that sliding gates always retain the closed gate position and rigid structure. Sliding gates also look more secure and act as deterrence to probable intruders.

What makes Armoured Guard Fence special is that we retail and install cantilever sliding gates. Cantilever sliding gates slide across a steel beam attached to the bottom of the gate via the rollers. Note that our fully automatic sliding gates as well as privacy fence screens are the most trustworthy and safest options.

It is a common misconception among many that automatic gates have high maintenance needs. But this notion is not true! We always equip the automatic gates with efficient motors, which increase the durability. On the other hand, buying an expensive gate or metal fence installation can help you save money over the long run.

So if you are already feeling intrigued about sliding gates, contact us today! Our exclusive range of sliding gates is ideal for residential and commercial installations in North America. We would be happy to listen to your requirements to provide you with highly customized sliding gates.