Custom Laser Cutting & Fabrication

Custom Laser Cutting & Fabrication

Armour Guard Industries specializes in diversification and being a vertically integrated solutions company. We offer end to end solution in various domestic and industrial sheet metal and engineering goods as we have complete solution in one roof. Such As,

  • CNC laser cutting Machine

it gives the full freedom to cut the metal Plats and sheets and even square, rectangle and round pipe in any of customized shape

  • CNC Bending Machine

Precise to attain the customized exact angle, auto gauge setting, multi step bending, PLC programmable

  • Customized Fabrication

we can assemble the various parts with welding, fastening, riveting and as per the customers requirement.

  • Powder coating and Painting plant

we have 30 feet deep and 12 feet high and 11 feet wide powder coating setup and we are capable to fulfill the customers requirement and specification.

We have the facility and range of skill to produce the products as per customers requirement and specification and serve their need better. Our Manufacturing services can provide products faster, with precise detail and accuracy, all at a cost-effective price.

SENFENG LMN 3015HM Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Specification and the materials description that can be cut:

Power 2000W
Table Size 60" x 120"
SS Max Thickness 1/8
CS Max Thickness 3/4"
AL Max Thickness 5/16"

Different Types of Material Can be Cut With Smooth Edges With Any Profile

Cutting Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum

Cutting Material: Mild Steel, Rolled Cold Steel, Galvanized Sheets and Carbon Steel

We are Offering to Cut the Square, Rectangle and Round Tubes and Pipes

We have ES Series CNC Bending Machine

  • CNC Bending press Machine= It is capable to set the tonnage from 125 to 2500 ton.
  • Can be program multi sized and angled bending operations in sequence.
  • Sheet can bend 6 feet long.
  • Easy to control speed, angle and depth.

We are Leaders in Designer Gates and Fencing

We Have in House Fabrication Setup

  • Band Saw Vertical Horizontal both
  • Lathe - 4 feet
  • Drill Machines.
  • Tig Welding, Mig Welding Sets- Aluminum, SS, Steel.
  • 14’’ Cutting-Off Machines.
  • All Industrial Electrical hand tools.
  • Skilled manpower.

This profile cut on CNC and assembled the parts with welding

This Panel cut on CNC and assembled within the channels and mounted with fasteners

This is the Fabrication of Gates and Fences of Different Aluminum Sections

This Aluminum Sheet Cut on CNC and Framed in Aluminum Square Tube it is Beautiful Fence

We Have in House Powder Coating Plant

Finishing That Exceeds Expectations

powder coating, spray booth, curing oven and other types of industrial painting equipment, supports our in-house coating experts and technical specialists to make the products for life.

Powder Coating Over, 30 feet Deep,12 feet height and 11 feet wide

Paint Spray Booth

Powder Coated Products