About Us

Armour Guard Fence (AGF) is a NEW exclusive Brand of high guage steel manufactured with ColourBond steel in components to produce a lifetime privacy fence for the construction and development sectors.

Armour Guard will not rot, expand or contract.

Amour Guard will not fade or require re stain or re paint every few years like cedar.

When it comes to a privacy fence for your residence or townhome project, Armour Guard understands that you want a fence that checks all boxes:

  • Sleek, New and Modern Design
  • No Maintenance
  • High Durability

At Armour Guard we choose to provide ColourBond steel that provides a systematic colour system that will keep your fencce looking as new 15 years from now as the day it was installed.

Accent your Home and Design with Armour Guard Fence. Increase the property and asthetic value for years to come.